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Using Concealed Door Hinges In Achieving A Modern Look For Your Home

Admit it, modern homes are irresistible to look at. They are sophisticated, classy and very pleasing to the eye. Maybe that’s why a lot of homeowners choose modern designs for their homes.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to the overall aesthetic of a modern home. For example, a homeowner or an interior designer should consider the type of furniture to put or the colour of paint to use. Even the door should fit the overall aesthetic of the place.

In a modern home, doors are more than just dividers and entryways. They affect the homeowner’s standards of living — from comfort and functionality to privacy and security. If chosen correctly, doors contribute to a good first impression from guests and even passers-by.

Of course, every part of the door should be considered, especially what hinges to use. Most modern homes opt for concealed adjustable door hinges because they are perfect for achieving the feel and look that the design requires.


Achieve that minimalist feel

Many modern homes adopt a minimalist design for their interiors, allowing homeowners to bask in simplistic elegance. A minimalist design calls for few decorations with a lot of empty space and good lighting that makes the home look simple yet classy.

Concealed door hinges help achieve that desired minimalist feel because of their nature. Instead of sticking out, concealed door hinges look cleaner and less cluttered.



Modern homes call for pieces that can still look presentable even when the homeowner decides to change things up and wants to try something new.

Although doors aren’t commonly replaced, they should be able to adapt to different styles. Concealed door hinges can be used for different types of door frames, such as timber, aluminium and steel. They are also adjustable in three-dimensions and can easily be installed.


Maintain that flush, polished look

The use of flush doors are becoming more and more popular in modern homes. Flush doors look sleek and stylish without compromising functionality. Concealed adjustable hinges are the perfect fit for flush doors. They do their work without obstructing the overall polished look of the door.


Less maintenance and cost effective

Doors and their parts used in modern homes should be able to withstand long-term use because they are not commonly replaced. Concealed door hinges are durable. They require little to no maintenance and can support large and heavy doors. They are also less likely to trap dirt and grime because they are hidden.


Choose Altro’s concealed door hinges

Altro Building Systems provides quality concealed adjustable door hinges for any need. Our Pier Hinge is perfect for achieving that modern flush door look for your homes.

From the makers of Euro Cav Ultima, our quality cavity sliding doors, we offer a range of sleet quality door hinges that can be matched with any hardware.


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