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Eku Porta GU

EKU PORTA 100 GU embodies all the superior qualities of the EKU PORTA product group and utilises a simple yet reliable glass clamp to secure the door with friction alone. The combination track can be wall or ceiling mounted and suitable designer fascia panels made of aluminium or timber can be easily clipped into position. To top it all off the EKU PORTA soft closing mechanism can be added at the time of installation to leave a lasting impression of quality and sophistication.


  • Area of application: For 1 and 2 door sliding door systems.
  • Height and lateral adjustable doors, Running rail wall mounted, With clip-on fascia for running rail, With clip-on fascia for clamp shoes.
  • Max. door weight (kg): 100 per door.
  • Max. door height (mm): 2700.
  • Max. door width (mm): 1600.
  • Glass thickness (mm):8, 10 and 12.7.
  • Vertical adjustment (mm):+1/-3.