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The Benefits Of Cavity Sliding Doors

A cavity sliding door is a design where the sliding door is placed with a cavity. This space-saving design saves precious floor space and allows easier access than traditional doors between rooms. A cavity sliding door can benefit a range of properties including your home and office allowing for more space than a swinging door would normally allow. Here are some of the many benefits of installing cavity sliding doors.


Saving Space

Whether you’re purchasing or renting a new home, apartment or office space it’s important to utilise all the available space. Hinged doors are not the most practical option when it comes to saving space and aren’t a cost-effective solution. The action of opening and closing a swing door can approximately take up 1.6 square metres per opening. In comparison, Altro’s cavity sliding doors require no space as they slide into the wall easily, giving optimal space for the user on either side of the door opening. These are the best solutions when it comes to creating space particularly in studio apartments where space is limited to create divisions between different areas of the house. The sliding doors offer flexibility in living areas as they create a larger space for spending time with family and friends as they can move freely between the dining and living room. This also allows privacy in the home when you want to section off the TV noise from the dining area.


A Safe Door Alternative For The Entire Family

As a leading supplier of interior timber, aluminium, and frameless glass cavity sliding doors in Melbourne, Altro offers stylish designs that are suitable for families with small children. Toddlers like to explore their surroundings around the home softening ending up in an accident by hitting doors and other furniture that is in their way. Each of our sliding doors has been developed to be durable and strong so that they remain safe often for homes with children. The sliding doors can be locked that is unreachable by younger children so you can have confidence knowing they won’t be unable to unlock doors and escape into other rooms. We at Altro understand that your child’s safety always comes first. Our Euro Cav – Premium System is a versatile sliding glass door system designed for home and commercial use. Our doors have childproofing capabilities that provide a gentler and safer door closing and opening process.


Reduce Your Energy Costs

Our sliding doors come with significant insulation capabilities that ensure you’re able to keep your room at the desired temperature during the weather changes. Sliding doors can assist you in keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer which reduces the need for you to use air conditioners and heaters throughout the year. Sliding doors are often fitted with composite gaskets for increased thermal insulation. Additionally, the material will also insulate your room from unwanted noise, dust and rain.


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