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Euro Jamb


Introducing the Euro Jamb Shadowline, a groundbreaking door jamb system that sets a new standard in both design and efficiency. This patented innovation boasts a unique construction, blending the elegance of timber with the durability of aluminium. The Shadowline’s split-type design, akin to the Square Set Double-Rebate, ensures swift and effortless installation.

Say goodbye to the challenges builders often face in achieving precision shadowlines – the Euro Jamb Shadowline eliminates the guesswork, providing a seamless and effortlessly simple solution.


  • Single rebate design for a simple and modern aesthetic.
  • Patented design for a fast and easy installation.
  • Perfectly straight shadowlines, every time.
  • Best of both worlds, with a part timber, part aluminium construction.
  • Can be custom made to suit any size.