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Reclaim Your Floor Space: Design Tips for Small Bedrooms

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. It should have enough space for the bed and other items that help you feel calm and relaxed, making it easier for you to rest and recharge for the next day. Sometimes, however, the need for storage and functionality overshadows style, especially for smaller rooms. The result can be a bedroom that looks cluttered, defeating the purpose of making it a serene, calming space.

Here are a few design solutions to help you create a functional haven without sacrificing style:

Upgrade your doors

Whether they lead to the patio or the hall, doors need clearance to swing open and close. This required clearance may take up the space that is supposedly allotted for a piece of furniture or other necessities. If this is the case for your small bedroom, consider upgrading your traditional doors with stylish aluminium sliding glass doors. These sliding doors eliminate the swing action that takes up too much floor space.

If placed between a room and a patio, sliding glass doors bring more natural light into the room, making it look brighter and more open by eliminating shadows that make an enclosed area feel smaller. You can install light-coloured curtains to match the doors and ensure your privacy and control the light at night.

Maximise the ceiling

With limited surface areas, be creative and look up to the often-overlooked area in your room: the ceiling. Replace bedside lamps with pendant lights or hang your decorative items overhead. This doesn’t only free up floor space, it also draws the eye up, giving an illusion of greater volume inside a small room.
Put a spotlight on your bed wall

Making the bed wall the star of your bedroom is an easy way to give the room personality. This also helps draw attention to the design feature, rather than the room’s size. There are multiple ways to make your bed wall shine. A mural, a splash of colour or even an artwork can be an economical option. You can also add a photo gallery wall or repurpose old barn door panels as a cool headboard for a rustic room.

Fold furniture up

It’s no question that your bed takes up much of your room’s valuable real estate. Make the room more spacious by placing flexible furniture around the bed. Replace your bulky vanity desk with a fold-out desk that doubles as a makeup table. Take out the chest of drawers for shoes and install a wall-mounted pull-out shoe organiser to free up more floor space for other relaxing activities you want to do such as yoga.

Float it on a wall

Another great trick to give your bedroom an airier look is to float some decorative or furniture pieces on a wall. Bedside tables or bookshelves can be affixed to the wall, leaving space beneath to store stylish baskets stashed with other necessities. Bear in mind that mounting pieces on the wall requires a contractor. They can ensure your wall can support the weight of the shelves or other decorative pieces.

Maximise the floor space in your bedroom with these solutions, and you will likely see the difference in the room’s ambience. It will feel less cramped and cluttered, making it easier for you to unwind and recharge. You can get a good night’s sleep as consistently as possible — even with a small room.


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