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Euro Cav


The Euro Cavity Slider – The pinnacle of versatility in the realm of cavity sliders. Crafted with a robust commercial-grade aluminium frame, this system exudes strength and rigidity. Elevating its quality even further, it boasts hardware crafted in Italy, specifically Fluid Hide with the premium system, and Swiss-made hardware for the widely acclaimed Swiss soft close EKU system. Scroll down to learn more.


The Euro Cav to suit an architrave finish offers versatility to your cavity slider needs. Manufactured ready to suit any architrave that you choose, seamlessly complementing and blending in with your design.


  • Incorporates a precision, robust ball-bearing “zero clearance” carriage system.
  • Full commercial-grade aluminium frame.
  • The gap between the top of the door and the underside of the track can be reduced to as little as 4mm.
  • Focuses on versatility, any architrave of your choosing seamlessly works with the Euro Cav architrave system.
  • Environmentally friendly due to the high percentage of aluminium recycled in the building industry.
  • High load-bearing capacity making it ideal for large doors.
  • The head track comes standard in a white powder coat finish.
  • Aluminium doors can be supplied as a fully manufactured product.
  • Option of glass clamp carriage system for frameless glass doors.
  • The track can be flush set with the ceiling for full-height doors.
  • Custom-made to suit any size or application.




Double Overtaking

Triple Overtaking

Bi Parting

Bi Parting Corner Meeting

Jamb Details

Full Height


Rebated Closing Jamb

Flush Closing Jamb