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Product Range

Cavity Sliders

Cavity sliders are essential in modern urban living, particularly in places like Australian cities where the pressure to increase density is paramount. With urban sprawl extending beyond reasonable limits and cities struggling to provide access to jobs and amenities, higher density living has become the solution. Cavity sliders play a crucial role in this context by saving space. Unlike traditional swing doors, they eliminate the need for room allowance for doors to swing into a room. This space-saving feature allows for more efficient use of limited living spaces, making cavity sliders a practical choice for denser urban environments like those found in Australian cities. With the scarcity of housing lots in cities like Sydney projected to continue, cavity sliders become a vital tool in maximising space and accommodating the growing population within urban areas.

Door Jambs

Introducing our innovative range of Euro Jamb systems, designed to redefine modern interiors with sophistication and adaptability. From the Double-Rebate Square-Set Euro Jamb, boasting a frameless entryway and unique double-rebate design for seamless fit, to the Square Set Single Rebate Euro Jamb, offering elegance with its premium aluminum construction and flush door integration, each system brings a touch of contemporary style and functionality. The Euro Jamb Shadowline introduces a groundbreaking blend of timber elegance and aluminum durability, ensuring effortless installation and precision shadowlines. Lastly, the Euro Jamb Vario Inswing revolutionises door design with its flush set system, seamlessly blending doors with walls for a sleek appearance, while providing the convenience of traditional swing doors. Elevate your interior design with our Euro Jamb systems, where adaptability meets style for a truly customisable and sophisticated look.