Leading Supplier of Cavity Sliding Doors in Australia


Altro Building Systems

Altro Building Systems is a well-established manufacturer of innovative Cavity Sliding door systems supplying direct to the building industry, Australia-wide. We also supply concealed sliding door tracks, aluminium doors, invisible hinges with 3D adjustment, flush aluminium door jambs and aluminium skirting systems.

From Perth to Brisbane, Northern Queensland to Melbourne, Altro Building Systems is the manufacturer to trust for cavity sliding doors.

Our sliding cavity door sets present spatial benefits to both homes and offices. Unlike traditional hinged, swing doors, our cavity sliders do not take up as much floor space for door clearance. They also make it easier for people with reduced mobility to move around the premises, whether an office or their home.

Spatial Efficency

Cavity Slider White Paper

To learn more about the space saving and accessibility features of our internal sliding door cavity units, click here to view our white paper on Spatial Efficiency.

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Superior Entryway Hardware

Altro Building Systems is dedicated to transforming standard functional hardware into architectural showpieces. We create door systems that offer superior performance and make installation and maintenance fast, easy and economical.

We offer a complete solution to your project’s entryway requirements by manufacturing elegant cavity sliding door sets and stacking sliding doors including standard hinge doors and access panels. We also provide complementing fixtures and finishings such as flush-finish handles, aluminium skirting boards and window reveals.

Our products are made with high-quality Swiss materials with some being German-engineered. With Altro’s systems, you can surprise clients with your expertise in high-performance hardware and eye for refined details.

Your Reliable Source of Innovative Architectural Solutions

Altro Building Systems provides Australia with innovative internal cavity sliding door solutions, helping builders enhance installation efficiency. We give builders a new level of control to project details that are usually hard to build and maintain. With our efficient production schedule, we meet our client’s requirements on time, helping them meet their project deadline.

For creating beautiful and reliable doorway units, Altro Building Systems is the name to trust.

Discover our range of design innovations for dividing, hiding or enhancing any space. Browse our site or contact us for questions or quotations.


Unique Product Range

Our customers keep coming back to us due to our unique product range, extensive industry knowledge and commitment to quality and service.

We aim to provide all our customers with informative technical material and support to enable them to make informed decisions according to their individual requirements.

Here at Altro Building Systems, we are constantly expanding our specialised range with products that offer minimal detail and simplicity in design, adding an architectural dimension to any project.