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Ryde Gardens by Country Garden

Builder: Watpac 

Developer: Country Garden

Project description:

With a 4000sqm park at its heart and 830 apartments designed by internationally acclaimed architects, Bates Smart, Ryde Garden offers a consummate standard of living.

The practical and the aesthetic are attended to equally. Exquisite and imaginative landscaping substantially increases the advantages of an already stellar location. Locally celebrated national parks and waterways are amplified at your new home through the vast shared park, numerous rooftop spaces and planted podium areas. A large, tree-lined swimming pool and graceful water features further increase the sense of luxury, freedom and choice.

  Products Supplied:  Euro Cav Ultima shadowline finish cavity sliders with DN80-CF heavy duty Ducasse carriage system. Altro Euro Cavity Sliders were chosen by the door contractor for consistent quality, commercial grade durability and short lead times.





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