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One Central Park – Sydney NSW

Developers Frasers Property Australia and Sekisui House were given the green light on 2 March to develop block 11, a 292-apartment mid-rise building, on O’Connor and Wellington Streets at the south-eastern corner of the $2 billion Central Park precinct.

Australian architecture practice FJMT was selected for the project in 2013 by a Design Review Panel. When complete, the Central Park precinct will include built work by local and international firms such as Foster and Partners, Ateliers Jean Nouvel, PTW, Johnson Pilton Walker and Smart Design Studio.

Block 11 will complete the delivery of 2,200 apartments over the 5.8-hectare Central Park precinct. The development features a curvaceous building ranging from eight to 13 storeys in height, with a curve in the middle to accommodate two new public gardens.

Being mindful of spatial efficiencies, cavity sliding doors were used extensively throughout the project offering better open plan living which plays a large part in prioritising the necessities in apartment living. Cavity sliders improve accessibility and democratic access to spaces; not only is there minimised risk of opening a door into someone, or being unable to open it at all due to something being in the way, but cavity slidersare also easier for disabled users and those with reduced mobility to operate and navigate than swinging alternatives.






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There is an increasing amount of pressure on australian cities in increase density, as urban sprawl is extending beyond its reasonable limits of its inability to provide access to jobs and amenities in fact, as of September 2016 there were only 340,000 housing lots left in sydney, or half as many as would be required for the expected population in 2036 the answer that has been reached in order to tackle this issue is higher density living and suitable commercial spaces in satellite cities such as Parramatta.

Of course, these new ..