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Fragrance Hotel Hobart – Euro Skirt SL95

Builder: Hutchinson Builders

Developer: Fragrance Tas-Hobart Pty Ltd

Architect: X Squared

Project description:


Engaged by Singaporean company Fragrance Tas-Hobart Pty Ltd, Xsquared Architects has led the design team for this significant new hotel on a prominent Macquarie Street site in Hobart. The 296 room hotel will be the largest in Tasmania, and incorporates an enclosed roof top swimming pool, gym, meeting rooms, restaurants and retail tenancies.

The project is registered to achieve a 5 star Green Star sustainability rating and a focus from the outset has been to ensure that the building’s lifecycl impacts are considered. From water harvesting to energy efficient mechanical systems the building typifies how sustainable principles can be harmoniously incorporated into a new commercial building.

Altro Australia Pty Ltd worked with X Squared to create a robust skirting system to stand up to a Hotel environment. Euro Skirt SL95 Altro shadowline skirting system was the preferred product due to its strong corrosion resistant aluminium construction.



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