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Chester & Ella

Designed by globally renowned Australian architect Hayball, Chester & Ella are two unique towers forming a sculptural statement of luxurious residences made to inhabit and impress. The Chester tower stands proudly with chiseled white balconies inspired by the folds and canyons of the iconic Brisbane River forming a reassuring and protective surround. While Ella’s golden curves, inspired by the twists and turns of the Brisbane River flow in the beautiful Brisbane sunshine providing every residence a bespoke edge.

Relaxed and refined. Open plan perfection sets the scene for understated living. A clean monochromatic palette of bold matte black contrasts cool white marble finishes. This is the reason the Euro Cav and Euro Jamb  were selected to match the clean aesthetics of the living space.

The use of Altro Euro cavity sliding doors was thoughtfully considered to create a smooth transition from room to room and eliminating unnecessary space-hogging swing doors. Euro cavity sliders are hugely practical in apartment living and can create different individual spaces or one large open space. They are pre-assembled and ready for immediate installation on site and include the revolutionary Altro EKU Swiss carriage system for rapid door installation with quick release feature for serviceability and easy removal of doors if needed.

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There is an increasing amount of pressure on australian cities in increase density, as urban sprawl is extending beyond its reasonable limits of its inability to provide access to jobs and amenities in fact, as of September 2016 there were only 340,000 housing lots left in sydney, or half as many as would be required for the expected population in 2036 the answer that has been reached in order to tackle this issue is higher density living and suitable commercial spaces in satellite cities such as Parramatta.

Of course, these new ..