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Australia 108 – Southbank

Developer:  World Class Land

Builder:  Brookfield Multiplex

Architect:  Fender Katsalidis

Australia 108 is a highly sculptural residential tower unlike any other in Australia. Its slender form is highlighted at the Cloud Residences levels by a golden starburst expression and then morphs into a curvaceous profile against the sky. The starburst which contains the resident facilities is inspired by the Commonwealth Star on the Australian flag and is an obvious celebration of the sense of community within the building.

Altro Building Systems have been awarded the contract to supply all cavity sliders and doors to this iconic project. Euro Cav Ultima cavity sliders were voted in by the development, architectural and building team for its durability and innovative carriage system concept developed by Swiss engineers. The Altro Swiss carriage system specially developed for the Euro Cav Ultima cavity sliding door system has a unique installation advantage enabling the door to be installed inside the cavity slider in half the amount of time of any other cavity sliding door system. It is also extremely serviceable due to the door being removed just as easily as the installation process. A soft closing function can also be installed or even retro fitted at a later stage. All flush panel doors are also being supplied to suit, complete with cutouts for concealed carriages and floor guides.

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There is an increasing amount of pressure on australian cities in increase density, as urban sprawl is extending beyond its reasonable limits of its inability to provide access to jobs and amenities in fact, as of September 2016 there were only 340,000 housing lots left in sydney, or half as many as would be required for the expected population in 2036 the answer that has been reached in order to tackle this issue is higher density living and suitable commercial spaces in satellite cities such as Parramatta.

Of course, these new ..