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380 Melbourne

Situated in the absolute heart of the city, its shimmering towers will incorporate a variety of residences, a boutique hotel managed by one of the world’s premier luxury hotel operators, and a long list of class-leading amenities, all complemented by a selection of ground floor retail and the convenience of having the best of Melbourne on your doorstep.

For the interiors of the residences at 380 Melbourne; considered modernist light-filled residences: clean lines, flowing spaces, sophisticated palette of materials, and distinctive touches. These are intelligently crafted residences, featuring generous storage, open living spaces and premium materials.

Altro’s Euro Cav Cavity Sliders and Euro Jamb Single Rebate had been selected to accommodate the open design concept of the project; and since only premium materials are used it is without a doubt a perfect match for the project. The Euro Cav Ultima Cavity Sliders and Jambs are designed for spacial efficiency which is paramount in today’s apartment living. European Swiss tracks and carriage hardware with quick release function and soft closing feature are the ideal choice for apartment living where longevity and reliability are supreme.

The Aluminium used for the Euro Jambs have a chromate pre-treatment process applied to withstand harsh coastal environments and also acts as a primer for strong paint adhesion. The incorporation of reinforced edges overcome the continual damage door jambs are subject to by normal everyday use and these edges allow for simple clean lines around the door face.

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There is an increasing amount of pressure on australian cities in increase density, as urban sprawl is extending beyond its reasonable limits of its inability to provide access to jobs and amenities in fact, as of September 2016 there were only 340,000 housing lots left in sydney, or half as many as would be required for the expected population in 2036 the answer that has been reached in order to tackle this issue is higher density living and suitable commercial spaces in satellite cities such as Parramatta.

Of course, these new ..