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Why You Should Choose Barn Door Hardware for Your Home

Barn doors can make a great addition to your home’s entryways. They can provide a low cost and functional option that can help to characterise and style your home. The hardware required for barn doors include door levers, sliding track systems and then the door itself. 

If you have a current entryway that looks cramped with a bi-fold or single hinged door it may be time to consider changing the architectural functionality and interior style of your home. In today’s blog, we’ll be going over just how to choose the right door hardware for your sliding barn doors. 

Why Choose Barn Doors?

Barn doors have become increasingly popular in homes. They effectively work at bringing some character to your home in a range of styles and options. However, they can work in more functional ways than just their visual appearance alone.  

Replacing your bi-fold or hinged door just doesn’t work in a small space in your home, barn doors are thus becoming a more popular replacement option. This is the biggest bonus that homeowners consider when choosing to install barn doors. They are an easy to install option that work perfectly in tight spaces. Most other forms of door hardware need room to swing open, which can create a blockage in your spaces flow or block out your walkway space entirely. As barn doors rest flat against your wall space they require no extra space, making them a great and popular option for apartments, offices, and small rooms. 

How to Choose the Right Door Hardware and Sliding Track System

The weight of the barn door you choose will help you to establish the best hardware to fully support your entryway. As the weight of your door increases, it places a greater stress and strain on its hardware, requiring a heavier-duty door and sliding track system hardware. Whether your door is hung on a swinging hinge or a sliding track system the weight will affect and slowly degrade over time if you don’t choose a system that can fully support your doors material.

At Altro we have a range of door hardware that can fully support the weight of your chosen barn door. Our Vetro range focuses on style and durability, giving any entryway a clean and minimalist look. This range has been made by our team of experts to conceal any fixtures as well as the carrier plate system, to give your door the professional appearance of a showroom home. 

The Icon, Nova and Sena systems have been made specifically for the use of your barn door. Made with stainless steel they are strong, durable and will modernise any doorway. Each system can support a door hardware system of up to 85kgs, with the ability to be installed on ceilings, walls, or glass surfaces. Our Vetro range are an excellent architectural addition that can modernise your barn doors appearance and won’t blow your budget, so you can go all out and choose the perfect high quality door material for your home. 

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