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The Benefits of Timber Sliding Doors

Sliding doors have a number of inherent benefits over hinged doors, most notably their ability to maximise light and space. This has made them an especially popular option in high- or medium-density urban settings where both space and light are often rare commodities. Due to their smooth operation and attractive shape, sliding doors in aluminium or steel are frequently used to create sleek, modern, minimalist interior spaces. However, a timber sliding door can also create a homey, earthy aesthetic while still getting the practical and stylistic benefits associated with their more hard-edged counterparts. In this blog, we look at how timber sliding doors can work for your home or business.

Create Flow in Your Interior Spaces

One of the best things about sliding doors is that, unlike traditional hinged doors, they can be left open without taking up additional space or making a room look cluttered. This allows you to create a sense of flow throughout your home, while also granting you privacy when you need it. As interior sliding doors are not required to serve the same security function as exterior doors, it also means they can be made from a wider range of materials, such as glass. A glass sliding door – whether made entirely of glass or using a timber or metal frame – allows natural light to pass through even when the doors are fully closed. Using natural timber will lend a warm ambience to your light-filled spaces.

Make Versatile Spaces

When sliding cavity doors are opened up, the doors themselves disappear into a cavity in the wall. This gives you the freedom to instantly transform one room into two or vice versa in a matter of seconds. For example, a sliding door separating a kitchen and living area could be kept closed during more formal dinners to keep the chaos in the kitchen out of view of the diners, but for parties or can be opened up to create one big space – even a dance floor! This is one example, but you could take this idea anywhere. Turning a private study into a family room, an ensuite/bedroom into an open-plan living space…the possibilities are endless.

Choose Your Style

As well as being incredibly functional and versatile, good sliding doors also look great. As we mentioned earlier, ultra-modern minimalism is today the most common aesthetic people aim for when they decide on sliding doors, but by using the right materials, they can create an equally enchanting entryway for traditional family homes. Timber sliding doors can create a down-to-earth but elegant look while still saving you space, allowing the entry of natural light, and giving you the versatility to transform your living space in mere moments.

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We are specialists in the design and manufacture of high-quality sliding door systems and components, and our doors can be custom designed and installed to fit the requirements of any space. Our state-of-the-art sliding door systems and unwavering commitment to customer service have made us the supplier of choice for some of Australia’s most exciting recent architectural ventures, and our reputation continues to grow.

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