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The Benefits of Aluminium Skirting

Skirting is used to form junctions between materials such as walls and flooring. It ensures untidy joins are hidden, while also adding an element of flair to your space. Not only is skirting a stylish addition to your home or business, it also offers a multitude of benefits. Durable, lightweight and timeless, aluminium is used in everything from structures to computers. It’s strong and secure nature makes it ideal for an array of things, including your skirting. Whether you’re renovating or creating a whole new build, Altro has your architectural solutions sorted.


Providing protection for high traffic areas in your home or business, aluminium skirting creates a barrier from abrasion and the like. Aluminium is also ideal for avoiding accidental knocks from furniture, vacuuming, mopping and scuffing from general wear and tear. Conserving your aesthetic and the bottom of your wall from children, pets and people, aluminium skirting is perfect for any home or office.

Durable and secure, aluminium has the strongest impact resistance of the skirting types. Unlike wood, aluminium won’t crack, splinter or warp when exposed to water, making it a more dependable skirting option. Aluminium is lightweight but can be just as strong, if not stronger than its other steel counterparts. With minimal care and maintenance, it’s original condition stays intact, making it a cost effective choice that looks newer for longer. 


Contemporary yet timeless, aluminium skirting offers smooth, seamless and even lines. With the versatility to paint or powder coat your skirting, your chosen aesthetic can be executed easily to fit in with your own style. Because aluminium is durable, it doesn’t age badly and will look new for many years. This provides a stunningly clean aesthetic for longer. 

Altro Euro Skirt

Providing seamless elegance, Altro’s Euro Skirt ensures a simple yet modern touch to any home or establishment. With excellent resistance to wear and tear with a stunning finish and minimal maintenance, the Euro Skirt provides sophistication to your walls. At Altro, we understand the smallest detail makes the biggest impact and that’s why we back our aluminium skirting system for your next project.

Professional with your needs in mind, Altro works with trusted builders all over Australia. Innovative and durable, our aluminium skirting is the ideal addition to avoid scuffing and to provide a level of beautiful detail. Contact Altro today to see how our aluminium skirting can amp up your space!