Using Cavity Sliders to Maximum Advantage



In modern architecture we love to talk about openness and fluidity. Cavity sliders can certainly provide that. They can create a sense of flow through a house that swing doors simply can’t. They can be beautiful and elegant, flexible and space saving.

It is amazing just how much space can be lost in a small room from standard hinge doors. One advantage of a cavity sliding door is that it helps you to maximise the available space of a small room or hallway. When you are tight on space, you might want to consider changing one of your normal hinge doors to a cavity sliding door.

Before you install a cavity sliding door however, you need to ensure the house structure allows for it.

•There must be an adequate length of wall to allow for the cavity pocket to house the door when open. This is the hidden cavity in the wall for the door to slide in and out of.
•The length of wall must not be load bearing. If you have a double storey home, there are some walls that structurally support the first floor. It is essential that you ensure the wall you are planning to turn into a cavity does not structurally support the first floor.