Tips for Designing Tiny Homes

Tiny homes are gaining popularity as housing prices continue to soar. These structures provide a more flexible way to live, whether the space is used as a retreat venue or a way to live more simply and economically.

If you’re designing a tiny home, there are some important consideration you’ll have to think about including having a knowledge of relevant local laws, maximising space, and having proper lighting and the right doors.


Tiny homes are often built on trailers, eliminating the need for building permits. However, this is not a necessity, and a tiny home can be built, really in any place as long as no laws or regulations are violated.

Since local laws vary, make sure that you are aware of the necessary guidelines before you start designing and building. Being aware of the existing guidelines is helpful in determining the size of your tiny house, and whether there are regulations on current material or where you can place it.


Don’t just shrink everything in your tiny home. When you do so, it affects the quality of your living space. Instead, explore the concept of multifunctionality; take a look at how specific pieces of furniture can have multiple uses.

Keep your tiny home’s purpose in mind and make it a key feature of your space. If working from home, it’s also an idea to create a small space to do other things apart from work, such as yoga or having a reading corner.


Lighting is crucial in creating ambience in your tiny home. A well-lit area will highlight specific areas, creating a sense of separation in the absence of walls.

Install large windows to get plenty of natural light in during the daytime. Artificial lighting can be used for ambient lighting, allowing light to flow through the entire space. Task lighting, on the other hand, is used for specific tasks such as working or chores. Combining these two types of light should be used in your tiny home.


Think about smarter construction into the division of space in your tiny home to open new opportunities for you as a small homeowner. Installing a sliding door saves space, as they slide right into the wall. Sliding doors also allow you to keep visual contact with the rest of the home, making it look bigger.

Our line of Euro Cav cavity sliding doors offers a modern and stylish solution to a small living space. You can ask your architect or builder to arrange your area to maximise every amount of space in your tiny home.


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