Sweat the Details: Door Components That Make a Huge Home Design Impact

Door handles, jambs and hinges may not always be the hero of a good interior door design. But never underestimate their power to add style and flair to an otherwise plain-looking door in your room or kitchen.

Door Handles and Locks Offer More Than Security

The door handles and locks’ primary role is to secure a room. If they are broken, the usual response is to replace them with a functional set. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter if it isn’t as beautiful, intricate or sleek as the old set. Since the focus is on functionality, many interior doors have mismatched, inexpensive-looking handles.

But here’s the thing: just as the right necktie can turn a simple suit into a fashion statement, a striking new set of door handles can bring a huge dose of style to a room. For instance, a lever can add a sleek look to any room, while a rustic iron barn door handle can give a kitchen or a front door a lot of charm.

Door Jambs Can Frame Doors Differently

Door jambs can do more than frame a door and make sure it’s securely hung. Take shadowline jambs, for instance. If installed correctly, shadowline jambs create the subtlest partition between the wall and the door, giving any room a refined, modern look.

With such capabilities, shadownline jambs allow you to have a door and a wall that look like a huge, clean canvass. Paint a mural on it, hang artwork or leave it alone. Clean, subtle and sleek lines can make any area in a home look remarkable.

Door Hinges Don’t Have to Creak Visually

Door hinges that creak every time you open the door are annoying enough. But if they also look rusty and unappealing, they can take away anyone’s attention from the rather good design elements of your room.

If it’s time to replace the hinges on your door, consider concealed hinges. They are not only inconspicuous but also strong and sleek.

Concealed hinges are suitable for applications where a flush fit and smooth operation are necessary features. They have also become the preferred option by architects and contractors for commercial door hinges. They can efficiently support large, heavy doors, even in spaces with high foot traffic.

When it comes to doors, sweat the details. It’s easy to overlook them when you’re thinking of other major room design elements like furniture and paint colours. But it’s time to put the spotlight on these door components; they offer plenty beyond their primary functions and can complete the new look you’re aiming for.

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