Watch out for These Architectural Trends in 2019


2018 is soon coming to a close, and the advancement of technology and materials are set to elevate how architects design and build in the future. Builders, designers and property owners can expect technologies that put a greater emphasis on environmental sustainability, maximising smaller spaces and increased flexibility in homes.

Following are some trends architects and builders can watch out for in 2019.

Eco-friendly structures

Environmental sustainability is an integral aspect of contemporary architecture.

As more consumers are becoming increasingly eco-conscious, so does the need for building eco-friendly homes and commercial establishments. As such,there is a growing trend for the production of building materials that have a minimal environmental impact while still meeting the needs of the end-user.

Some recent innovations to create eco-friendly structures include adding gardens, indoor parks and green walls to residential and commercial writes that 2018 marked the year of using recyclable materials in construction, and architects and builders can expect to see more of that in 2019.

More recyclable materials will be used for all aspects of the construction and design process, from furniture to skyscrapers. Several common building materials such as concrete, metal and brick have recyclable alternatives. Using these options can significantly lower emissions and energy requirements.

Smaller homes

Tiny homes and micro-apartments are growing in popularity thanks to the cost of living pressures, changing priorities and the environmental impact of larger homes. reports that most people spend 40 to 50 per cent of their net pay on their mortgage or rent, while “tiny living” costs just 10 per cent of their take-home income. With the shift towards living in smaller spaces, Elle Paton, the founder of the Australian Tiny House Directory, shares that consumers are starting to question their habits and the resources using, reducing the impact of their carbon footprint.

Flexible living spaces

With the rapidly changing lifestyle of a family comes a demand for change in living spaces. Open-space design in homes encourages combining cooking, entertainment and family areas in one area. This option has dominated how homes are designed in the past few decades. From dedicated kitchen, dining and living rooms, large multipurpose areas have been customised to meet families’ needs and ensure that home designs provide flexibility in living arrangements. Architects and builders can achieve a seamless transition in the home by installing sliding doors, pocket doors and other movable

Our Euro Cav cavity sliding doors, for example, offer a modern and stylish solution to small living spaces. Architects and builders can better arrange living spaces for optimal utilisation of the home’s different areas. Our sliding cavity doors are also ideal for creating divisions in open spaces.

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