Internal sliding door solutions; Low maintenance and excellent control of light and airflow.

Willoughby AVD 1

Internal sliding door solutions are not only a wise addition to your home for functionality purposes,they also add a touch or elegance and glamour that a standard hinged door does not have. when they are open they make nearby rooms seem much larger creating a awesome open plan feeling to your home. They are particularly useful and beneficial when adjoining the dining area to living spaces by allowing easier access for people to move from dining to lounge areas.

Cavity sliding, folding and stacking walls can also be used to partition spaces. Partitioned rooms can be opened up to receive additional natural light or ventilation, or closed off to limit the energy needed to heat or cool a space. Power bills can be drastically reduced by cordoning off areas from living and sleeping areas, whilst still offering the potential for open plan living whenever otherwise suitable.

Cavity Sliding doors come in the most unimaginable configurations of any internal sliding door system including single cavity sliders from 620mm wide up to 2500mm wide. 90 degree bi-parting cavity sliders are particularly common in Soho apartments where one can live, work and play as it brings a relatively confined sleeping quarter into a wide open office/play area by simply sliding the two doors back into the cavity space. the list goes on into 180 degree bi-parting cavity sliders, double overtaking, triple overtaking,double b-parting, triple b-parting………the features and functionalities are endless.

Altro Building Systems are specialists in the design and manufacturing of internal sliding door systems and their respective components. Altro’s products include the options for customised design and manufacturing in order to meet  any specification and Altro always look to ensure short lead times so that projects can be completed on time and with consistency.