How Stacking Doors Can Benefit Your Home

Stacking doors create a striking statement in your doorway and are a functional solution in creating and opening up spaces in your home. These doors are the ideal solution that gives you the control and opportunity to make the most of your home. With assistance from these doors, you can tailor the amount of space and airflow you would like in your home. Our stacking doors are available in a range of quality materials from aluminium, steel, glass and wood to best suit your style. They are versatile in design and have many benefits.

What Are Stacking Doors?

Stacker doors are made of different panels that stack on top of each other. They move with one panel that glides past the other then interlocks and continues this movement collecting the other panels until they reach the other side. This style of door is extremely adaptable as you can choose the particular stacking door to suit your home. Our stacking doors come in a variety of configurations that not only look great but are also reliable. This style of door is not only good for apartments and homes, but they also add value to your office due to their versatility.
Where Can You Install Stacking Doors?

Stacking doors are suitable for any home, particularly smaller homes such as apartments where you are looking to utilise all of your space. They are more functional than traditional hinged doors as they offer better views and flexibility. Stacking doors can also be used to create a divider as a way of separating one area into two. This can be used if you’re wanting to separate your living and dining area or your bedroom with a walk-in wardrobe. This allows you the versatility to open or close off areas.

How To Create More Space Using Stacking Doors?

Using this style of door permits you to open up spaces that were once restricted. These allow you to set-up your home in ways you weren’t able to before. Install your new stacked doors where space is limited, such as en suite bathrooms and wardrobes. For young families, this style of door can enable you to open up the kitchen and living area so you can keep an eye on your children while you’re in the kitchen. Stacking doors allow flexibility between your kitchen and dining room. This is beneficial if you love to entertain so you can have access to the kitchen from the dining room with ease. These can also be used to block out areas of your home allowing privacy and reducing noise from one room to the other.

Connect Your Indoor & Outdoor Space

Stacker doors are the ideal solution if you’re wanting to create a cohesive feeling between your outdoor and indoor living space. This makes both spaces feel bigger and is ideal if you’re wanting to entertain a larger group of people as they are able to enjoy both areas freely. Another benefit is that you’re able to manipulate how open or closed you would like your door without being concerned the wind is going to slam it shut.

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