Glass Sliding Doors

Altro Glass Sliding Doors: The Mark of Style and Innovation

Altro Building Systems provides cutting-edge glass sliding doors to Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and the rest of Australia. Our exciting sliding doors offer optimal space efficiency, performance and durability. Aesthetically speaking, Altro sliding doors can do wonders for interiors and exteriors. While they save valuable space, they also offer attractive sharp lines — a serious design plus.

Our sliding doors are designed to provide state-of-the-art solutions to enhance light and efficiency in any project. Browse below to see the range of our offerings.

Premium Interior Sliding Glass Doors

Maximise space and improve functionality with our selection of interior sliding glass doors. We use highly durable glass suitable for varying applications in the residential, commercial and hospitality sectors.

We offer several configurations including barn doors, bi-parting doors and wall slide doors. Clients can also choose from different types of glass
such as tempered glass, laminated glass, clear, frosted, milky, smoked and more.

Aluminium Glass Sliding Doors

Aluminium glass sliding doors give exceptional strength and durability, ideal for external use such as patio, terrace and garden room doors. Our aluminium sliding doors come in a wide range of styles including standard sliding doors, corner sliding doors and bi-parting doors.

The Choice for Creating Entryways and Dividers with Timeless Beauty

Altro sliding doors look sleek, fresh and clean. Although they’re visually appealing, they don’t take too much attention away from the rest of the

People who are in need of safe, reliable, attractive and easy-to-install cavity sliding door systems can depend on Altro. The company’s internal sliding doors are strong, stable, secure and beautifully made thanks to their glass construction.

How to Order

You can contact us for queries and request for quotes by phone or e-mail. You can also use our online ‘quote request’ form. Simply let us know about
the products you’re interested in including your name and contact details. Our staff will send a response at the earliest available time.

Altro Building Systems is dedicated to providing Australia’s building industry with the most stylish and innovative solutions. For premium and functional entryway hardware, contact us today.

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Maximise living spaces with Altro’s glass sliding doors.