Exploring the Style and Function of Adjustable Door Hinges


Sticking doors are an annoying issue for homeowners and managers whose offices accommodate heavy foot traffic on a regular basis. Whether they are caused by overuse, poor carpentry or settlement warping, ignoring a sticking door for an extended period of time causes damage and can be hazardous.

Adjustable door hinges are the most efficient solution to jamming doors.They eliminate the need to remove, shave, re-stain or re-paint a troublesome door, and provide a quick way to avoid scuffs and scratched floor surfaces.
They can be adjusted up and down or side to side to angle the door to fit the door frame. At Altro, you can choose concealed adjustable door hinges to help you achieve an aesthetically appealing and fully functional interior.

Here are some of the benefits of replacing standard door hinges with concealed adjustable door hinges:

Easy clean-up

Concealed adjustable door hinges are hidden within the seam of the door and the door frame. This means that the hinges do not collect dust so clean up time is reduced and they maintain a smooth opening and closing mechanism. They are great for places that have strict hygiene standards such as the
food and beverage and healthcare industries among others.

Ensures safety

Most concealed adjustable door hinges have a self-closing mechanism that is slow, smooth and quiet. This prevents the occasional knocks, bangs and slams from repeated heavy use that causes noise or damage. Self-closing doors are ideal for the elderly, people with disabilities and limited mobility. They
also provide a fire safety check by making the door an automatic fire block between rooms.

Aesthetically appealing

Concealed adjustable door hinges can be used for timber or steel doors. They easily blend into the seams, creating an illusion of a doorless wall. The clean lines will eliminate the bulky finish of traditional hinges for a more spacious interior. Using concealed adjustable door hinges will inspire
a sleek, smart and sophisticated look.

Save on costly and time consuming repairs

Since Altro’s concealed adjustable door hinges are durable and require little to no maintenance, homeowners and business owners can save on costs over the long term. At Altro, you can purchase Euro Cav Concealed Door Hinges that feature a contemporary flush fit, smooth operation and a compact size.The hinges are designed to suit any hardware and have the capacity to support heavy doors for your home or business property.

For a long lasting door fixture, select a trusted source of quality architectural building systems.

Experience the style and function of concealed adjustable door hinges with the Altro building systems. We are specialists in designing and manufacturing door systems and their respective components. We are known as one of the leading suppliers of cavity sliding doors that meet architects’ aesthetic needs and the carpenter’s requirement for straightforward installation. We service clients throughout Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Northern QLD, Adelaide and Perth.

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