Choosing Door Frames: Aluminium, Timber or Frameless


Altro’s cavity sliding doors give any interior a mark of style and innovation. Our sliding doors enhance a space’s aesthetic, accessibility and comfort.

Our Euro Cav Premium System is designed for effortless glide efficacy and sophisticated minimal detail. The Euro Cav Swiss Soft Close enhances safety and prolongs its own service life by having a mechanism that prevents the door panel from slamming.

Your project can have these doors with an architrave, shadowline or square set finish. For frames, you can choose from aluminium or timber for the materials or have no frames at all.

To help you decide, here is some information on each configuration:

The Strength and Sophistication of Aluminium

 Because of the properties of aluminium, it is naturally weather resistant and unlikely to dent, rust, twist or expand, giving stronger and safer doors. With its strength, it can maintain a slim profile despite holding glass.

Aluminium’s durability also makes aluminium frames low maintenance, especially if it is not in a marine environment. The property owners no longer have to sand, seal, or repaint the frames every few years, saving them time and money.

Lightweight and slim, aluminium allows for frames with sleek and aesthetically pleasing lines. Aluminium’s lightness also allows for the easy opening and closing of windows.

Because of its surface, aluminium can be coated with a wide range of finishes and limitless options in glazing.

The Timeless Appeal of Timber

 Timber framing gives entryways a high-end appearance. It lends a beautiful natural warmth to businesses and homes even when coated with finishing and paint.

Timber’s aesthetics is not just for traditional designs. They can be used for more contemporary styles with muted, seamless thresholds and sliding tracks.Used on doors to verandahs or patios, the timber frame works gorgeously to create the desirable blurred lines between the indoor and outdoor.

With the proper glazing, sliding doors with timber frames provide excellent insulation leading to impressively low carbon footprints.

The Daring Allure of Frameless Glass Doors

 With no frames, the glass doorway turns into a focal point. And without frames, there is no difficulty in finding matching door hardware that can be used to create an upscale look.

Eliminating the visual brakes frames create, frameless doors completely open up a space, giving uninterrupted views of the outdoors or other sections of the interiors. Frameless glass doors also allow more natural light to pass through, giving aesthetic and energy-saving benefits to a business or home.

Another advantage of frameless glass doors is that it has fewer parts to clean, making it easier to maintain. Used as a shop front, maintenance is kept to a minimum and the opportunity to showcase shop displays is optimised.

Ready for beautiful and strong glass sliding doors?

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