Childproof Home: Why Having Glass Doors At Home Are Safe Even With Young Children

Having sliding glass doors at home can be a cause for concern particularly for families with small children. According to Mother & Baby, an online parenting source, the increasing use of glass in the home has led to more glass-related accidents. The most common of them is glasses shattering and cutting your child.

Toddlers are very eager to explore their surroundings and will zoom around your house once they have the ability to do so. This thirst for exploration combined with their energy will increase their chances of getting into accidents by hitting doors, tables and other pieces of furniture that might be in their way.

Manufacturers have developed ways to strengthen the glass used indoors so that they remain safe for use even at the presence of young children.

100% safe and secure

Sliding glass doors and partitions are made with specially engineered tempered glass that is impact resistant and is very durable. It can withstand extreme temperatures and long contact with moisture. Even if your little one bats it with his favorite baseball bat or blasts a ball against it during playtime, you don’t have to worry about the glass breaking easily.

In the event that the glass does shatter, it breaks into small fragments with chamfered edges that do not cut into the skin.

Can be easily locked

Sliding doors can easily be opened by a toddler, allowing them to quickly and safely exit an area in case of emergencies. However, this can be a cause for concern for parents especially if they try to go out at night.

For this, sliding doors have locks that are unreachable by young children so you can rest assured that they are secured in one area even without you looking. With a glass door, you can easily spot what they’re doing, say for example, inside their playroom or their bedrooms. Glass doors will help in parents being able to keep an eye on their kids.

Maintains insulation and ventilation

Aside from being safe, glass doors also help maintain insulation and ventilation in an area. Nobody wants their children playing in the dark. Glass doors allow your children to have some light in their rooms and allow proper insulation during the cold winter days, or even the warm summer mornings. Your children will be well-ventilated and will receive that much-needed vitamin D from the sunlight.
Childproofing your doors

If you are still unconvinced, you can take additional steps to childproof your doors.

You can have your glass doors tinted. Small children can accidentally walk into glass doors or partitions because they aren’t aware that the doors were there. Adding tint or colour to the door can not only make their presence known to your child, they can also make the doors more visually appealing.

You can get sliding doors that have mechanisms that prevent them from being slammed. Your children will undoubtedly play rough house and they can hurt themselves by clipping their fingers or toes whenever they slam the doors.

We at Altro understand that your child’s safety always comes first. Our Euro Cav – Premium System is a versatile sliding glass door system designed for home and commercial use. Our doors have childproofing capabilities that provide a gentler and safe door closing and opening process.

Contact us today and let’s make your home a safe, childproof space to live.