Achieve Minimalist Interior Design by Enhancing Your Doors

Euro Concealed sliding door system - Copy

There is something satisfying about coming home to a place that’s clean, organised and simple. A minimalist approach to interior design makes this happen by combining both form and functionality.

Interior design experts suggest many ways to achieve a minimalist home interior, and one way is by improving your interior doors. More than just being dividers and entryways, doors play important roles when it comes to minimalism.


Creating Clean Lines with Concealed Hinges

Minimalist interior design is often associated with cleanliness. When it comes to doors, they become aesthetically pleasing when their hinges are concealed.

Instead of sticking out, invisible hinges create lines that are cleaner and less cluttered. Unlike traditional door hinges, they are less likely to trap dirt and grime since they are hidden inside.


Saving Space with Sliding Doors

The purpose of minimalism is not to use as little pieces or elements in your home as possible. You do not want to completely strip down your living space for minimalism’s sake. Rather, it aims to make the most of a certain element’s function. A rule of thumb in minimalism is that each component of a room must have more than one function.

When it comes to functionality, sliding doors are an ideal aspect of minimalist interior design. They save and maximise space by covering very little floor space compared to traditional swinging doors. Sliding doors are said to save more than 85 per cent of floor space compared to traditional doors. Instead of swinging in or out, sliding doors simply glide along a track, so there’s no need for extra space for the door to open or close.

Apart from clearing up additional space, sliding doors can also improve the accessibility of homes. The ease of access is beneficial for disabled users,the elderly and other users with reduced mobility.


How Sliding Doors Save Energy

The summer heat can be unbearable, especially in cities like Melbourne, Darwin and Brisbane. When the temperature rises, so do electricity bills. Glass sliding doors reduce the need for cooling systems, as they allow large surges of air to circulate around the house, cooling the home and improving the air quality. The glass can also be coated to improve energy efficiency and reduce harmful UV rays that stream into the house.

Some sliding doors are fitted with composite gaskets that offer insulation, keeping the house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. They also act as sound barriers and help keep dirt, dust and rain out of the house.


Bringing in Natural Light

Sliding doors have large panes of glass running from the top to the bottom of each door panel, letting in huge amounts of sunlight into the house during the day. This helps you cut down on your electricity bill, as you may not need to turn on any lights when the sun is up.

Aside from helping you save electricity, natural lighting plays a part in making the home warm and inviting. Flooding the house with sunlight gives an illusion of space and making the room feel bigger than it is. The large glass panes offer a year-round view of your garden and the landscape beyond it.


Improving the Indoor and Outdoor Flow

Apart from providing a view of the outdoors, a sliding door provides an easy transition from the outdoors to the indoors. It turns the yard into an extended living space that you can use for outdoor get-togethers with family and friends.

A sliding door also improves the traffic flow to and from the house. When you’re moving large pieces of furniture, it’s easy to slide the door open instead of swinging a door in and out.


Achieving Interior Minimalism with Altro Building System’s Products

Altro Building Systems aims to achieve both aesthetically pleasing form and convenient features with our cavity sliding doors and our adjustable door hinges.

As a well-established manufacturer of innovative cavity sliding door systems, our technology can be used for any room in your house.

Our cavity sliding doors are made of aluminium. This material has high weather-resistance, ensuring that your door will not warp in humid environments. It also has high moisture resistance, which increases its lifespan.

We also offer our line of Euro jamb sliding systems. Our range of concealed hinges is highly sought after in the industry due to their clean finish. Our concealed hinges create shadow line profiles that are preferred by architects.

Altro Building Systems has been able to provide architectural solutions to the specific demands of the industry. We have produced a contemporary flush finish with clean lines and inconspicuous details that are essential to minimalist design. We are constantly expanding our range of products that offer minimalism, simplicity and function.

As a reliable manufacturer of cavity sliding doors, we have extended our services across Australia. Discover our range of design solutions for dividing, hiding or enhancing any space. Feel free to browse our site or contact us for any enquiries or quotations.