Achieve a Shadowline Profile with EuroJamb

Altro Building Systems manufactures and distributes innovative building solutions which bring a new level of control over what has previously been a difficult detail to build and maintain.

Altro strives to offer a range of Architectural specialty products that are highly sought after in the Building industry to achieve the desired level of finish and detail that is necessary in high profile projects.

Altro’s comprehensive system which includes custom design and manufacture, along with short lead times, will help ensure your projects run smoothly so that you achieve consistent results.

Detailing a shadowline profile around doorways, windows and skirting boards is the finish preferred by architects, although this can be frustrating for the building contractor to actually make it work and provide a defect free detail on site. The main issue the fit out contractor faces is the difficulty to achieve a straight line between metal shadowline bead and timber jamb. The end result is often disappointing with an uneven shadowline effect.

This dilemma has now been solved with the Eurojamb architectural door jamb system. Eurojamb is a single rebate design incorporating a 10mm shadowline detail within the profile. The Eurojamb system is simple to install due to a head/stile connector and location nib and is suited to wall thicknesses from 102mm to 160mm. Custom sizes greater than 160mm are available. Eurojamb can be specified with the confidence and assurance of a perfectly straight shadowline.

Eurojamb is also available with “Pier” concealed hinges which are adjustable in 3 dimensions. Altro also offers the service of in-house hinge mortising to jamb and door with precision CNC router machinery giving the builder absolute peace of mind knowing that the difficult part has been done and minimises on site work and human error.

The Pier concealed hinge system is completely invisible when the door is closed and takes centre stage when the door is open. Pier is the most comprehensive concealed hinge system for premium flush doors. Milling frames and templates are available for the Pier hinge system simplifying installation further.

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