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How to Find the Best Sliding Glass Doors

From aluminium, frameless and timber styles, there is no denying sliding glass doors are the entranceway of the future. With planned higher density in Australian cities, designers and architects are changing the way they construct to utilise space. Effortlessly timeless, sliding doors use minimal floor space, adding convenience in a stylish and robust manner. Overflow your indoor living area onto your outdoor patio, making it the perfect place for entertaining. Amping up your natural lighting and ventilation for a more refreshing feel, sliding doors eliminate visual clutter for a neat, modern, and versatile aesthetic.  

Benefits of Glass Sliding Doors

From space maximisation to decor modernisation, the perks of sliding doors are endless. Making more sense than hinged designs, sliding doors save up to 85% more space compared to outdated styles. Without the need to leave space for the rotation of the door, you have more room for furniture and the like. 

Adding a sliding door to any room is smooth. These versatile doors can be applied to bedrooms, bathrooms, laundries, walk-in-robes, outdoor areas and shared living spaces. Improving accessibility for those with reduced mobilities and people with disabilities, sliding doors are much easier to operate. 

Easily adjusted to suit your space, tailored options in height, width and weight, make customising your sliding door unique to exactly what you want and need.

What to Look for When Choosing Sliding Glass Doors

Compared to hinged doors, many sliding doors offer minimal or no maintenance, making the functionality of your door simple. Whether you’re planning a whole new home or office build or giving your current space a refresh, there are a few things to consider in choosing the right sliding doors for you. 


Insulation is an important factor in choosing your sliding doors. Do you live in a cool or warm area where you need to lock in the heat or allow for more airflow? Thermal locking assists in energy efficiency and sound-regulation, ensuring your privacy is kept within rooms and your energy bills stay lower. Check to see if your new frames are thermally broken with a thermal insulator for maximum insulation. 


Arguably the most important feature for some, choosing a door that’s suitable for your current style is crucial. From concealed styles to frame materials and colours, your needs can be met. With adjustable and customisable products, Altro has a design to suit every vision. 


Depending on where you live, security may or may not be a factor on your mind but it is an important element in your decision. Do you need an internal locking system? Can it be opened from the outside? 


Traditionally wooden, glass sliding doors have come a long way over the years. With options in vinyl, fibreglass, aluminium or a combination of these, your choice in material can affect the noise level, upkeep required, longevity and functionality.  


Functional and decorative, architraves hide the gap between the wall lining, door jamb or window frame. With options in sleek lines or decorative styles, architraves are something you may opt for in your decision. 

Swiss Soft Close Mechanism

Preventing your door from being slammed, this gentle feature slows the door down to a stop in either an open- or closed-door position.

Types of Glass Sliding Doors

With timber, aluminium, and frameless glass door options, Altro have a large range of customisable options. Choose from Single, Double Overtaking, Triple Overtaking, Bi Parting, Bi Parting Corner Meeting in our range of Euro Cav. Choose from Architrave Finish, Shadowline Finish and Square Set Finish

Utilising a robust ball bearing carriage system, these doors house a clean finish and a concealed cavity unit. With a high load bearing capacity, perfect for external doors, these effortlessly sliding systems are elegant and sleek with minimal ball bearing friction.  
Need help in deciding what glass sliding door suits your needs? Let Altro provide the assistance you need and contact us today!