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How Stacking Walls Can Work for Your Home

Whether you are building your new home from scratch or renovating an existing structure, you have a number of options available for your entryways. Especially in cases where you are trying to maximise the available space – and really, why wouldn’t you be? – sliding doors can provide a practical, attractive solution.

Another option to consider in the sliding door family is stacking doors. Sometimes called stacking walls, these offer great versatility. In this blog, we take a look at the different configurations of stacking doors, how they work, and how you can use them in your home.

Stacking Doors Vs. Sliding Doors

Stacking doors are a type of sliding door, but they have some distinctive features that set them apart from the more standard options. Typically, a sliding door system consists of one moving panel and one fixed panel, with the sliding panel moving horizontally along a track while the fixed panel remains in place. With Alto’s Euro Cav door, a wall cavity wall takes the place of the fixed panel, with the sliding panel gliding easily into and out of it.

With stacking doors, however, the door panels are stacked one in front of the other. One panel is fixed, while two or more panels slide horizontally to the left or right. These will typically cover an entire wall and are often used to open up a living space to an outdoor area. Traditional sliding doors, by contrast, are typically used in interior entryways.

The most common stacking doors consist of two moving panels and one fixed panel, but the number of moving panels can be expanded to suit the needs of your space. Both stacking and sliding doors create space when compared with hinged doors, which require the area through which the door panel swings on its axis to remain clear. They also change the feel of a given space, lending it a classy, modernist aesthetic compared to standard hinged doors.

Altro’s Stacking Door Systems

Our line of stacking doors are built using the highest-quality Swiss materials and engineered to provide you with years of smooth, trouble-free operation. These doors have a sleek, minimalist design, adding a clean, highly modern appeal to your chosen space while remaining unobtrusive.

Like all of Altro’s products, our stacking doors are defined by a simplicity and unique design approach that makes them extremely easy to maintain. The external sliding track means water won’t gather in the mechanism, resulting in less cleaning and smoother operation. You can choose between clear and opaque glass to suit your preference.

In addition to maximising the space in your home, stacking doors admit more natural light and allow easy access to your backyard or balcony. They also allow you a greater degree of control over the light and air space.

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