Pier Door Levers: The Answer to High-End Applications

As a company that caters to modern minimalist interior design, Altro offers the Pier Door Hardware range that provides the perfect flush finish for commercial property and residential homes. Altro Building Systems supply a range of door levers designed and engineered in Germany. Our Pier Door Levers are favoured among architects and builders due to their easy installation and high load-bearing capacity.

Concealed Details for a Clean, Modern Appearance

Our Pier Door Levers provide a comprehensive solution to projects needing concealed door furniture.

The Flush Pull Lockset, for example, has a sleek and smooth appearance that looks great with wood, steel and aluminium doors.

Our Euro Hinge concealed door hinges have won the approval of installers due to their unparalleled precision and control and straightforward installation.

We also have the Pier Euro Lift Off Flag Hinges that offer a satin stainless steel finish to Euro Jamb doors. For enhanced door security, the Pier Euro Hirline Hinges come with a fixed pin and smooth ball bearing.

Add to your Architectural Toolkit with Altro

With easy installation features, architectural features like these concealed door enhancements are now possible with Altro Building Systems. We are a trusted source of door hardware in Melbourne, other cities nationwide, and across the globe.

Bring modern minimalism to your projects with Altro’s Pier Door Levers. Call us on 1300 367 480 to request a quote.