EuroJamb Door Jamb Set: Refined Entryways for Modern Structures

Aiming to create minimalistic, contemporary entryways? Use Euro Jamb.

The Euro Jamb range is the solution for architects and builders to create modern flush finish, shadowline finish and architraved doorways.
Altro Australia proudly presents the EuroJamb flush door jamb set to streamline your process while ensuring clean, perfect lines.

Cutting-edge Architectural Innovation

EuroJamb brings aluminium door jambs to a new level of robust and stylish construction.

The EuroJamb architectural door jamb system is a patented single rebate door jamb profile with a 10mm shadowline finish. Eurojamb
consists of a two part aluminium/timber profile that is adjustable to the wall thickness making the installation process simple.

Perforated set beads with 10mm shadowline are incorporated into the Eurojamb system, eliminating the need to apply flimsy metal
shadowline trims after the jamb is installed.

Made with top quality Swiss materials and the highest quality of hardware available, the EuroJamb shadowline door jamb system provides a strong and secure assembly, superior to other metal door jambs. With its robust construction, it can take the punishment door jambs are subjected to in everyday use.

The completed system is flush finished with hinges and striker plates rebated flush into the EuroJamb stiles. The EuroJamb system
allows you to paint on the whole wall area to fully conceal fixings, creating clean lines and subtle detail.

Complete Building Systems Solutions

Altro Building Systems provides Australia’s builders with complete solutions. The EuroJamb shadowline door jamb, in particular is complemented by a range of Altro hardware, creating entryways that are cohesive in design and are consistent in providing superior performance.

Altro is a trusted supplier of the premium heavy duty “Pier” hinge system which includes the 3D adjustable concealed hinge. Pier hinges have been designed specifically for the EuroJamb system.

Eurojamb flush door jamb set also complements the SL95 skirting system for a continuous unbroken shadowline finish.

Sourcing all entryway, skirting and window components from Altro, builders create cohesive contemporary structures designed for modern living.

Australia’s Trusted Sliding and Hinge Door Manufacturers

Altro Building Systems is dedicated to moving Australia’s building industry forward through providing premium architectural innovations, in depth knowledge and unwavering service. We provide our clients with informative material and technical support to help them choose the best components for their projects. We extend our services to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Northern Queensland, Adelaide, Perth and New South Wales

Through our reinvention and further development of architectural systems, structural elements that were previously difficult to build and maintain are now faster and more economical to install. With an Altro door system, you combine strength, visual appeal and versatility in your projects.


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Create stunning contemporary entryways, superior in style and performance, with the EuroJamb flush door jamb set.